Alpharetta to hold Day of Service May 3



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – May 1 is traditionally the National Day of Prayer. However, this year, the following Saturday, May 3, will be a Day of Service in Alpharetta.

For some Alpharetta residents, they want to focus on actions to make the world a better place.

Mayor David Belle Isle is pushing the event. While not a city event, the Day of Service will begin at the parking lot behind Main Street.

From 8 a.m. to noon, volunteers will be able to seek out tasks from the nonprofits and other groups at the location. The goal is to make volunteering easy and fun for the whole family.

“The whole goal of this is to make a turnkey opportunity for the whole family to work together in the community,” Belle Isle said.

Seventeen organizations throughout the city will be there seeking volunteers to do service. These include the Lionheart School, the YMCA, North Fulton Senior Services, Drake House and several local schools.

“There is not always an opportunity to volunteer as a whole family,” Belle Isle said. “We want to go beyond the normal service organizations and get the average family to donate their time together in a positive and meaningful way.”

There will be 511 volunteer slots open for the taking. These will be everything from cleaning up landscaping to light painting and garden work and more.

There will also be a donation drop-off for some groups – canned goods and food will go to the North Fulton Community Charities; women’s clothing will go to the Drake House and blood will go to the Red Cross.

“This is part of creating a hometown. It is connecting people through multiple opportunities,” Belle Isle said. “This is an opportunity to do something and serve others.”

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