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ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A neighborhood in Roswell has had the unique problem of actually being in Alpharetta.

Residents of the Bellsmith neighborhood on Upper Hembree Road pay taxes to Alpharetta, however their postal address is in fact Roswell. Residents appeared before the Alpharetta City Council April 21 to request the city intervene with the postal service to officially change their city address.

Having the wrong city in their address has proven a headache, the residents told the council. Packages are sent to the east Roswell post office or undelivered; visitors lose their way; utility services refuse to acknowledge the residences.

“Everyone is a little confused as to what it is,” said Mayor David Belle Isle.

The U.S. Postal Service has a process to change addresses. The city must send a letter requesting the change to begin the process. With the expansion and creation of cities in the past decade, many residents – especially in the new cities of Johns Creek and Milton – live in one city but have a different city’s postcode.

There are 395 properties along Upper Hembree and Harris roads that would be affected by the change.

The residents of Bellsmith – 84 homes – voted whether to initiate the change. Sixty of those owners approved the move. One was opposed.

“We have anecdotal stories of confusion in living in one city and having another as an address,” said Bob Vonderhorst, Bellsmith Homeowners Association president. “We as a community have a deep sense of pride in belonging in Alpharetta.”

“I love the fact it means so much to you guys,” said Belle Isle.

The council unanimously agreed to petition the post service to change the city address, to the applause of the residents.

“We are Alpharetta,” Vonderhorst said.

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