Alpharetta pot bust results from strange behavior



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – An Alpharetta woman was arrested April 13 after a string of suspicious incidents culminated in her arrest for possession of drugs.

An officer on patrol at about 2 a.m. saw a vehicle that appeared to be looking for an address. It turned out of the parking lot of one closed business and then turned into another, gated business. When it turned around, police pulled it over. The driver said he had traveled from Kennesaw to meet a girl at 3331 Old Milton Parkway. He did not know the girl’s name and claimed they had met online.

Suspicious of possible prostitution, the officer had the man call the girl to verify his story. The driver called Temaya Smith, 18, of Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, who allegedly said she would meet him at the swimming pool at the agreed address and that she was “rising up,” a slang term for getting high.

The officer repots he saw a vehicle pull up to the address and Smith get out and walk toward the man’s vehicle. The car drove away. When Smith saw the police officer, she allegedly turned around and tried to walk away. He stopped her and questioned her. Inside her purse was marijuana. She also allegedly smelled of alcohol.

Smith was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol and possession of marijuana. The driver was released without charge.

JC 05-01-14

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