Alpharetta police seize 150 lbs of meth

Valued at $5.6 million



ALPHARETTA, Ga. - Police seized millions of dollars worth of crystal methamphetamines Aug. 8 as well as a meth lab in a local apartment.

Police received several leads about drug activity at an apartment on Collingwood Lane. A police dog was brought in and indicated there were drugs nearby.

Getting a search warrant, police entered the empty apartment and found approximately 150 pounds of crystal methamphetamine valued at $5.6 million. The majority of the narcotics were packaged for delivery and hidden within the box springs of a mattress. Additionally, more drugs were discovered in the “finishing stage” within a small meth lab.

“It's a large operation,” said Alpharetta Public Safety Spokesman George Gordon. “Some processing of the narcotics happened in the apartment and the vast majority of this stuff was already prepackaged when we found it.”

The owner of the apartment was not inside when the raid was conducted and he is still at large.

“It's just a matter of time before we bring him in,” said Gordon.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) provided a clandestine lab team to safely disassemble the lab and clean up the premise.

“I appreciate the very good work by our detectives,” said Gary D. George, Alpharetta Public Safety director. “This was a significant seizure resulting in the removal of a large amount of narcotics from the streets of the Atlanta Metro region. This seizure illustrates our continued commitment to stop the illegal drug trade in Georgia. I especially want to thank the DEA for their assistance in providing their Clandestine Lab team which helped process the crime scene.”

The apartment was a major distribution point for the drug.

Gordon said law enforcement was finding more and more in recent years that drug distribution points have moved out from the city and into the suburbs.

“That shift has been going on for a number of years,” he said.cess the crime scene.”

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