Alpharetta firefighters conquer elite challenge



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Three Alpharetta firefighters recently completed an elite 48-hour firefighter challenge course that is designed to test a firefighters’ ability to remain focused on tasks, while battling physical, mental and emotional fatigue.

The challenge, called “FLAMES,” started with 24 firefighters from all over Georgia and ended with only nine completing the course; three of those nine are from Alpharetta. There are fewer than 200 firefighters in Georgia who have completed the course since it was started eight years ago.

“We are proud of these three firefighters who took their health and professional growth to a higher standard. This is a great example of the caliber of employees that we have,” said Alpharetta Department of Public Safety Director Gary George.

FLAMES is designed to test an individual firefighter’s personal limitations when working in high stress situations with limited recuperation periods. It is also designed to test the individuals’ ability to function as part of a team. Teambuilding is a focal point of the course. A successful fire company must function as a team.

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