Alpharetta cracking down on illegal signs



ALPHARETTA, GA. – Businesses had better think twice about putting up temporary signs in Alpharetta as the city will soon begin issuing fines.

Due to complaints about increasing numbers of illegal temporary signs placed along roadways on weekends, Alpharetta codes enforcement officers will begin adding Saturday and Sunday patrols to their schedule starting Aug. 25.

“We definitely are seeing a large number of illegal signs popping up around the city on Friday nights,” said Alpharetta spokesman James Drinkard. “By Saturday morning at some of our key intersections they have spread like kudzu, and our residents are not happy about it.”

The most common violations are signs placed in medians and rights-of-way and more temporary signs being placed than are allowed by City of Alpharetta Code.

“It is not just an issue of visual clutter,” Drinkard said. “The proliferation of signs along public rights-of-way becomes a safety issue as drivers become more distracted – not to mention the danger for the people placing those signs in our medians.”

City officials plan to remove illegal signs and issue warnings for the first couple of weekends as they work to educate businesses on how to promote their businesses without violating City Code. Beginning in September, however, they will begin issuing violations and bringing businesses before the Alpharetta Codes Enforcement Board to face possible fines.

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