Alpharetta-based business helps seniors downsize



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A lot has been said about the elderly moving from their homes into senior care facilities. And as nice and welcoming as those facilities may be, they are bound to be much smaller than the home the senior previously lived in.

Alpharetta resident Lisa Arrington helps with that transition. Through her company, Castle 2 Cottage, Arrington and her partner, Fran Becker, help organize and then downsize a person’s home, specializing in the elderly transitioning to assisted care.

“It’s a huge need today,” Arrington said. “With the senior population growing exponentially as it is, so many seniors need help today. They need help just figuring out where to begin.”

Castle 2 Cottage helps decide that starting point and carry through with the downsizing, sorting through items to give to family and friends as well as selling them to charity or online.

The help is needed, Arrington said, especially for those who have mobility problems. Someone has to help them not only sort through a lifetime of material, but also pack it up and move it to a new location.

“A lot of seniors have lived in the same house for 40 or 50 years,” Arrington said. “The kids have moved away and the senior is looking to move to somewhere smaller or into an assisted living facility.”

Castle 2 Cottage is based in Roswell and can be reached at 404-205-2388 or online at

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