Alpharetta approves 2 Broadwell developments



ALPAHRETTA, Ga. – Two Broadwell Road developments were approved March 25 by the Alpharetta City Council in 5-2 votes. Mayor David Belle Isle and Councilmember Michael Cross opposed.

Both developments border the Beragio neighborhood. One seeks to add 15 homes on 8.2 acres and change the density of the land from “very low density” to “low density.”

The Planning Commission gave the development its approval March 7.

By changing the zoning, the development goes against the city’s recommended density. Councilmember Michael Kennedy pointed out that all the neighborhoods surrounding the proposed one are zoned for low density, as the applicant wished his to be.

“It reflects everything that has gone on in the area,” said Don Rolader, attorney for the applicant. “This carries forth the spirit and idea of how we want Broadwell Road to be.”

Mayor Belle Isle voiced his opposition to the development.

“I don’t think [changing the zoning plan] should be done lightly,” said Belle Isle. “I don’t think the applicant has made their case.”

Councilmember D.C. Aiken disagreed.

“It fits, it works, it’s right,” he said, saying the city’s plan was an “obvious” mistake for this land.

The property was approved in a 5-2 vote.

At the other end of the Beragio subdivision is another development, also on Broadwell Road. Just like the first development, this one wished to rezone from “very low density” to “low density.” It wished to place 19 homes on 11.45 acres of land.

It was decided by council on the same vote – 5-2 with Belle Isle and Cross opposed.


Approval to allow breweries in the city passed its second reading unanimously.

3/28/13 RN

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