Alpharetta Walmart employee brags of theft on Facebook



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A 21-year-old cashier is suspected of stealing more than $3,100 over five days from his work, the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Haynes Bridge Road after he allegedly posted photos on Facebook holding the stolen money and saying “I love my job.”

Store employees told police money began missing from the registers March 10 and each day after more money went missing. A check of the affected tills turned up one name – Beshaw U. Ogbonna, 21, of Stelten Way, Alpharetta.

Video footage allegedly showed Ogbonna routinely palming $20 bills each day, stealing hundreds a day for a total of $3,180.

A person who was “friends” with Ogbonna on Facebook said he was bragging on line about the thefts and posted photos of himself and the stolen money.

Ogbonna allegedly refused to cooperate with loss prevention or police. He was arrested for theft by taking.

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