Alpharetta Thunder, Top Notch to partner

Bring competitive basketball to Alpharetta, Milton



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Top Notch Basketball (TNBC) has joined forces with Alpharetta Thunder Basketball. The Jan. 28 merger lays the groundwork for TNBC to expand from Atlanta into the Alpharetta and Milton community. The program provides year-round travel and club basketball options for players in third through 10th grades.

“This is an exciting time for our kids and the community,” said Jeff Harkness, coach of the Alpharetta Thunder. “There is a huge demand in the area for competitive team options. Most families have to drive 30 minutes to one hour to find and play in competitive programs. We need a good program locally and I have gotten to know and watched the TNBC program under Mike Drum and Adrian Collins. These two guys are leaders in the basketball community and they prepare and do things that are in the best interest of the kids. I’m excited to be part of the TNBC family and to lend my name and time to the program.”

TNBC has implemented platforms into their system that allow members to participate in AAU, USSSA, YBOA and USBA sanctioned tournaments and Showcase tournaments on the state and national level.

“Top Notch Basketball Club was created to revitalize the culture of amateur basketball in Atlanta,” said Adrian “Ace” Collins. “In our diligent efforts to do so, we have partnered with the NBA’s Chris Paul, Jordan Brand and other significant affiliates. With a basketball club of elite student athletes, we strive to create a proactive environment where goal setting and constant improvement is the focal point of each player and coach involved in our program. We stress purposeful individual skill building, strength and agility training and on-court strategy to boost basketball IQ.”

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For more information on Alpharetta Thunder Basketball, contact Harkness at or 404-317-9288.

—Jonathan Copsey

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