Alpharetta Rotary honors new Rotary district governor by giving monetary donations

Milton receives $1,400 to care for animals



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Cheryl Greenway, Rotary district governor for this year, spoke to the Alpharetta Rotary Club about Rotary International’s theme for this fiscal year, “Peace Through Service.”

Greenway explained that the theme issued a challenge to all clubs in her district to look within their own communities and the world projects and see how each Rotarian can give someone else peace.

On July 13, she also asked club members to talk to people in the community to find out where the real needs are and where work needs to be done and then go out and help others find peace.

Greenway selected a theme for her district as well as the international theme for this year, which is “The Treasures of Rotary.”

She is asking all of the clubs in her district to share their treasures.

She wants them to communicate and educate the community about what it means to be a Rotarian, what projects are being done in the community and who the members are that have a passion to place service above self.

Greenway has a passion for animals and would like to see projects that help animals help people. To honor her passion, Bill Weeks, president of Alpharetta Rotary, presented three checks to three different programs that involved animals.

A check for $1,750 was donated to the Alpharetta K-9 program.

The public safety director explained to the club that these funds will be used to place alert systems in Alpharetta’s patrol cars, which would call three numbers if the animal in the car was in trouble with a car overheating.

The second check for $800 was presented to support the Alpharetta Fire Safety House and the programs they conduct in the community.

The third check for $1,400 was presented to the city of Milton for its large animal emergency rescue program, which helps take care of large animals that get in trouble or hurt.

The funds will be used buy a quick-release bracket that would help release a horse that is stuck in a mud pit.

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