Alpharetta Rotarians buy troops supplies



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – As part of their continuing commitment to support the military, members of the Rotary Club of Alpharetta recently purchased over $500 worth of snacks, food and toiletries that will be sent to troops overseas. Those receiving packages include two soldiers from families of the Alpharetta Rotarians. They are 1st Lt. Richard Kenney, who is currently serving in Djibouti and is the son of Rick Kenney, and Margaret Johnson, former wife of member Wayne Johnson, currently serving in Afghanistan with a civil affairs unit.

The Alpharetta Rotary is also supporting Pvt. Matthew Jimmerson as well as 1st Lt. Kevin A’hearn. Jimmerson, who is a graduate of Independence High School, is currently deployed to Afghanistan with Task Force Palerider. He serves at a forward base as a helicopter mechanic. A’hearn has served with the 25th ID in Afghanistan and is currently with the 75th Ranger Regiment in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, as a platoon commander. He is a graduate of North Georgia College and State University.

“We are so grateful for the service of our men and women overseas. We hope these supplies will help them with their day-to-day needs,” said Bill Weeks, president of Rotary Club of Alpharetta.

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