Alpharetta HS launches Junior Raider women’s lacrosse team



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – This spring, more than 40 girls took the field at Alpharetta High School’s (AHS) Raider Stadium as the first official Junior Raider women’s lacrosse feeder teams in the school’s history. It was a moment players, parents and coaches have been anticipating for some time.

Alex Rahm, president of the board for Junior Raider women’s lacrosse, said the need for a cohesive program to prepare girls in the AHS district for varsity-level lacrosse was clear. Rahm, along with a team of parent volunteers, spearheaded efforts to start the feeder program while working closely with the AHS women’s lacrosse coaching staff.

“To see the difference between these teams at the beginning of the season to the last tournament is phenomenal,” said Rahm. “In fact, one of our opponent’s coaches said playing our girls in March and playing the same girls in May was like playing an entirely different team – the improvement was that drastic. We are already looking forward to next season!”

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