Alleged shoplifter caught stealing at Dillard’s store in North Point Mall in Alpharetta



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – An Atlanta man was arrested Oct. 9 for allegedly stealing more than $1,000 in clothing from mall stores.

Police were called to the Dillard’s store in North Point Mall about 6 p.m. after employees said they caught Allen David King, 41, of Atlanta, attempting to steal clothing.

They claim King walked into the store and tried to return clothing from a Gap bag he was carrying. He was denied the return. He then allegedly walked throughout the store and selected several shirts that he took with him into a changing room.

Loss prevention officers say he quickly left the changing room carrying nothing with him and tried to leave the store. Employees stopped him and found the shirts in his bags as well as

numerous other items of clothing, including many from Target.

He then tried to run from staff before he was apprehended.

He had no sales receipts for anything. He claimed he received the clothing from a friend in exchange for a $100 gift card. King was arrested for felony shoplifting.

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