Advertising for your small business



Are you promoting your small business with advertising?

Do your ads reach the right buyers?

Are your advertising messages attracting new customers?

For many small businesses, advertising is one of the top ways to attract new customers.

The best starting point for advertising is to utilize current media assets you already have, like your website.

Having a website that promotes your products and services, rather than just displaying information about what you do, will help draw in new customers.

The same holds true with social media sites, like Facebook.

Local newspapers, like the one you’re reading now, are also a great option. Small businesses, whose customer base is close by, can achieve a very large reach with newspapers that are delivered to everyone in town for free.

For some small businesses, flyers make a lot of sense.

A bulk mailing of flyers to potential local customers has been a tried and true means of advertising for small businesses for years.

More expensive options are radio and television. Depending on the product or service you sell, this may be the best option versus other choices you have.

There are plenty of advertising agencies that can help you determine which medium is best for you, or you can learn a lot by going online and reading about the pros and cons of all advertising options.

Advertising is critical to help you grow your small business, so spend some time selecting the medium that will give you the biggest success.

BUS 05-14-14

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