A New Diet Here, A New Diet There! Everywhere A Diet, Diet! OMG!!



Successful, Sustainable Weight Release For A Prosperous and Fulfilling Life!!

Is your head still spinning, and your mind whirling, reaching for the next fad diet, weight loss program, or latest book to reveal the elusive “secret” to successful, sustainable weight loss and a healthy, happy, meaningful life, in a body that you enjoy living in?

Let’s take a moment, take a breath…slow down...be still….let’s take another breath….aaahhhh, there you go. Doesn’t that feel better, just a little? Come on now…one more time, take another breath…a little deeper this time, letting go…aaahhhh, allowing yourself to become more aware and conscious of what is happening all around you….relax, just relax. Good job!

I’m often asked my “secret” to releasing 100+ lbs, sixteen years ago and sustaining my ideal, healthy weight since 1996. My first response is “mindfulness.” Mindfulness has become a buzzword in the last several years, and is often referenced in meditation, spiritual and wellness circles, to assist people to become more conscious, empowered, and aware of how they live their lives.

Personally, I Do Not believe in “diets,” especially ones that fall into the “fad” category. As a veteran weight loss/gain specialist, on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs, that lasted for 30+ years, before achieving my ideal, natural weight goals, I advocate “mindfulness” as one of, if not “the” most powerful and transformational tools to help people attain and sustain a healthy, prosperous weight, body, and life.

I cringe every time I hear about another new diet, claiming to be the “answer” to the weight woes that are so prevalent in our culture. The word “diet,” for me, has a negative connotation and energy to it, with the implication of a rigid, impractical and unrealistic eating protocol that only serves as a temporary “fix” rather than offering sustainable solutions that educate, motivate and provide effective lifestyle tools, that empower people to live mindfully, learning to make nurturing, loving and wise choices in ALL areas of life.

Take time to cultivate a practice of “mindfulness,” if you’re ready to release old, dead weight, that weighs you down, in more ways than one; begin living “mindfully” and watch how your body AND your life will be transformed. Mindfulness is a moment to moment experience, learning to pay attention to what your paying attention to, more cognizant of your ability to make wise, positive choices that nourish you in mind, body and spirit.

If you’re feeling hungry, and reaching for the closest thing you can put in your mouth, STOP, become aware of what you are doing….take a breath, and another…and yet another, very slowly and intentionally. Allow your mind to clear, and then begin to notice why you may be reaching for whatever you can to satisfy your hunger. Chances are your “hunger” has nothing to do with food. It rarely does, in those moments of reaching for whatever is convenient, or for a comfort food, to satisfy your craving.

When we are willing to pay attention, be mindful, and love ourselves, moving through those moments of feeling unsettled, stressed, uncertain, angry, scared, etc, we start making better choices, and begin to cultivate a lifestyle of mindful, healthier eating behaviors that serve us and our world so powerfully.

My coaching suggestion: Cultivate “Mindfulness” and watch your body and life transform!!

To learn more about my inspirational weight story and life journey, including breast cancer in 2002, and other life adventures, and the work that I do, please visit my website: www.jeanieward.com

Contact me at jw@jeanieward.com. I offer a 30 complimentary coaching consultation, and a variety of coaching packages and sessions that are customized to address your specific needs and goals. I am also available as a keynote and inspirational speaker and seminar presenter.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Enjoy The Journey!!

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