6 ways sellers can turn buyers away



1. Deferred maintenance.

If there is wood rot on the outside, then what might be on the inside? If the paint is so old you can see the grain of the wood, then more questions arise and buyers will wonder what might be discovered after it’s too late.

2. Too few pictures.

OK, this could be your agent and not you, but it’s imperative that you look at your listing online. If there are only photos of the outside of your home, everyone will wonder what horrors are hiding inside. If there are only four or five photos, buyers will be wondering why. It’s better to show what you have, even if your home needs updates, than letting the buyer assume.

3. Offering an allowance.

Have you said this to yourself before, “Why should I put in carpet the buyer may not like, I’ll give them an allowance and let them choose?” What the buyer says, “Sure they are offering an allowance, but look at that carpet.”

4. Unrealistic expectations on buyers.

Telling buyers they have to pre-qualify with your lender is an unnecessary pain for any buyer, if they’ve already gone through the process with their lender. Another is limited hour showings. If you work a night shift, don’t think that buyers will wait until after 5 p.m. to see your home. Of course, there are occasions when your home may be unavailable, but if possible, you want to make it easy for a potential buyer to get inside.

5. Being there for showings.

Yes, you probably know your home better than anyone else and your discount broker may not be calling to get feedback for you after every showing. But tagging along on the showings and pointing out how great your home is will not give the buyers and their realtor any time to discuss what they see. Take a walk down the street and give them time.

6. Overprice your home.

Your realtor has shared the comparable homes with you, contrasting recently sold properties in your neighborhood. Don’t take the high end of the range, tack on $30,000 and say, “they can make me an offer; if I don’t ask, I’ll never know.” Trust me, you’ll never know. If you’re too far out of line, then buyers will look at your competition, which by then, will look cheap.

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