4 reasons home sellers can be thankful



Judging by how early the holiday decorations and commercials on TV come out, Thanksgiving would seem to simply be a roadblock on the way to Christmas.

But we know it is a time to reflect on all we are thankful for.

If you have sold a home or are planning to sell, there are many reasons you can be thankful this year. Here are four:

Asking prices up

Looking at sales data for October 2013 versus October 2012, asking prices have risen drastically in Forsyth County, up over 12 percent, and in North Fulton they have risen 4 percent.

We all know what higher asking prices lead to...

Sales prices jump

Average sales prices for homes sold in Forsyth County in October were up 15.6 percent over last October.

Now, that doesn’t mean every home is suddenly worth 15 percent more, but it does show a sold trend of higher values.

In North Fulton, average sales prices jumped 7.5 percent over the same period.

More and less

We’re still seeing more home purchases this year over last, with unit sales up 8 percent in North Fulton and 16 percent in Forsyth County, but inventory is down 6.5 percent in North Fulton.

That is keeping us in a seller’s market with an average of four-months of inventory.

Homes sell faster

Both North Fulton and Forsyth County have seen homes moving more quickly than they have last year, with the average total days on market (TDOM) coming in at just over 60 days.

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