20 officers take down struggling teen



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Nearly 20 emergency personnel were needed Sept. 5 to take down a Vicarage Court man believed to be on drugs.

Police received an emergency call at 7:22 p.m. from a woman who reported that her 17-year-old son, who allegedly has a history of drug use, was possibly under the influence of drugs. She fled the house in fear of her safety.

She took police to the house where they began hearing someone screaming. The reporting officer noted the screams sounded more of anger than distress. The house doors were locked, so police went around back to the deck where they were looking in the rear door. They saw the caller’s son standing naked and bloody in the family room screaming, “I will find my center, I have the power.”

Another man was seated, and his face was reportedly bleeding profusely.

Police knocked on the rear door, at which point the son ran to the door, flung it open and allegedly tried to fight the police officers. The officers each deployed their Tasers with little effect, as the man continued to fight with them. A stun stick was then used, also with no effect. While one officer fought with the suspect, the other began hitting him in the legs and arms with his baton, again, with little effect.

When a third officer arrived, police were able to handcuff the man, however he still resisted with a large amount of strength. More police, fire crews and EMTs arrived to help and, as the reporting officer notes, the suspect “was struggling against 10 officers and was still able to deliver kicks, buck officers off of him and almost gain his footing.”

Police finally were able to put him in leg shackles. The report notes it eventually took nearly 20 people to subdue the man. He was strapped to a stretcher and taken to North Fulton Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. The other man was sent to Emory Johns Creek Hospital and treated.

The suspect was charged with felony obstructions of police.

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