2 teen parties in Johns Creek result in 30 arrests



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — More than 30 underage people admitted to drinking alcohol in Johns Creek in two separate parties Dec. 1 for underage drinking.

At 9:25 p.m., police received a call about disorderly juveniles carrying alcohol into a residence on Groomsbridge Road in Johns Creek.

Several officers arrived at the home. The reporting officer noted he saw “multiple teenagers attempting to hide throughout the residence from officers.”

Making contact with the homeowners, they said they were having an adult gathering, with alcohol. They said they did not realize their son was having his own party in the basement, which also included drinking.

The adults helped the police round up all the teens, who allegedly admitted to drinking. All teens were charged with minors in possession of alcohol. 14 teens were charged with minor in possession of alcohol.

Later that night, another call came in just after midnight. An anonymous caller told police there was a teen party at an Old Woodland Entry residence with alcohol and marijuana.

When police arrived, two teenagers were just leaving. The officers said they smelled marijuana coming from inside the home. Officers told one of the youths to get the homeowner, however when the young man went back inside, he allegedly yelled out, “Cops! Cops! Cops!”

Later it was determined the owners of the home were not on the premises.

Those inside the home began to flee, however the officers entered the home and blocked the exits. In plain sight in the residence were empty beer cans and the home allegedly smelled of pot smoke. A pipe and marijuana was turned over to the officers.

Seventeen teenagers were charged with underage possession of alcohol. The two underage residents were also charged with disorderly conduct.

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