2 Roswell police cars in crashes responding to same accident

Pedestrian hit by cruiser



ROSWELL, Ga. – Two Roswell police officers were involved in accidents Feb. 4 sending one officer and a pedestrian to the hospital. Both officers were responding to an accident on Ga. 400.

About 5:53 p.m., dispatch received a call about a two-car accident with injuries on Ga. 400 where the vehicles hit the median. Police respond to accidents on Ga. 400 to clear damage and control traffic, said Roswell Police Spokeswoman Lisa Holland.

One Roswell police officer responded from the west side of town on Holcomb Bridge Road. At Grimes Bridge Road, the police officer lost control of his car and hit a pedestrian on a sidewalk. The pedestrian was taken to North Fulton Hospital with a broken arm.

Alpharetta police are investigating that crash.

“It’s normal for one agency to ask an impartial agency to investigate,” said Alpharetta Public Safety Spokesman George Gordon.

Holland agreed.

“You don’t want to investigate your own” she said.

Another officer was headed to Ga. 400 also from Holcomb Bridge Road in east Roswell. When the officer reached Market Boulevard, another vehicle ran into the squad car.

“They were going through the intersection at Market Boulevard with their lights and sirens on and another car hit him,” said Holland. “The driver was charged with failure to yield to emergency vehicles.”

The officer complained of knee injuries and was taken to North Fulton Hospital. The police car was still drivable but had “moderate” damage.

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