19K new voters added in N.F. for 2012 election

Region has largest untapped number of unregistered voters



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – North Fulton added 19,000 new voters for the last election thanks to efforts by the county and the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, it was announced Monday night.

Julia Reed, who headed up the effort, told Alpharetta’s City Council at their Dec. 3 meeting that despite adding so many new voters to the electorate, North Fulton still has the largest amount of unregistered or non-voting residents in all of Fulton County.

“There is tremendous untapped voter potential in North Fulton County,” Reed said. “One chart shows that, of the eligible but unregistered voters in Fulton County, 99 percent are in North Fulton.”

If even half of North Fulton’s eligible voters voted, they would be able to have considerable clout in local and regional elections, she said.

Part of the reasons for the lagging numbers north of the river is due to continuous efforts in Atlanta and South Fulton. The voter outreach of last year aimed to change that.

Despite her job coming to an end this month, Reed stressed the cities of North Fulton must continue the push to get more people registered and voting.

“A presidential election is important, but the electorate must understand that it is at the local level that the decisions are made that most impact their lives,” she said.

Also at the meeting:

Homelessness – Council unanimously approved the final reading of the ban on “urban camping.” This effectively makes homelessness illegal in the city, following the lead of several surrounding municipalities.

Milton – Alpharetta’s sharing of resources with neighboring city of Milton was approved to continue for a further five years. The current five-year contract had expired. Police share evidence, property and records keeping.

Public Safety Director Gary George said the partnership “has worked so well.”

“Our partnership with the city of Milton has been nothing less than excellent over the past five years,” said Councilmember Chris Owens.

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