10U Hopewell Hawks from Milton win Champs Wear the Rings tournament

Season opener played amid snow flurries



MILTON, Ga. – Baseball in the snow? It was a bit unusual for sure, but the 10U Hopewell Hawks from Milton and 13 other travel teams from all over north Georgia found themselves playing baseball amid snow flurries and frigid winds during the Champs Wear the Rings tournament in Cartersville, March 2-3.

Frostbitten Hawks families peeked out from beneath piles of blankets to watch a total of six baseball games during the weekend, while the players huddled around portable heaters in the dugouts. After a four-game winning streak on Sunday, the Hawks emerged victorious, sliding golden champion’s rings onto their frozen fingers.

Head coach Greg Wagner was very proud of his players.

“These boys have worked hard and it was extremely rewarding to see literally every single player contribute to help the team win,” he said. “Winning the championship was great, but personally I was more satisfied to see the players support and encourage each other during adversity and treat their opponents with respect and sportsmanship.”

The 10U Hawks are part of the Hopewell Youth Association, which plays out of Bell Memorial Park in Milton.

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