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History goes alongside scares on Roswell Ghost Tour



ROSWELL, Ga. – The city of Roswell boasts a long, rich history. Its founding by businessman Roswell King predates the Civil War and generations of people have lived—and died—in the town over the past 150 years. Given its age and the nature of its past, Roswell has always had stories of ghosts and hauntings.

The Roswell Ghost Tour gives both visitors and locals alike not only an overview of the city’s most infamous hauntings, but a glimpse of its deep, complicated history.

The Avenas and their children first took the tour in the fall of 2000.

“I had lived in Roswell for 12 years,” said Dianna Avena. “It took the ghost tour for me to learn about Roswell’s history. I was kind of embarrassed about that.”

After that experience, Dianna became a guide for the tour, until she and her husband purchased it from its previous owner in 2006.

“The tour is really unrecognizable now from what it was then,” she said. “We come from the aspect of being paranormal investigators, so we do a lot of education about the paranormal. We are also very much skeptics first and foremost, so we are not getting dressed up and doing the street theater tours, and that’s what sets us apart.”

In addition to visiting famous Roswell locations, buildings and cemeteries, the tour also teaches participants why the city is haunted, the different types of paranormal activity and Roswell’s history.

The tour covers famous Roswell landmarks such as the Public House, the Roswell Square, Bullock Hall, Mimosa Hall, Barrington Hall, the Bricks and Founder’s Cemetery (where Roswell King is buried).

“All the buildings are pre-Civil War, “ said Avena. “The longer you have people living, loving, working and dying in certain locations, the better chance you’re going to have a lot of that energy.”

Avena says that she sees the tour having a positive effect on the Roswell economy. The guides are often asked for restaurant and hotel recommendations. The tour was also given a city Tourism Partner award for everything the tour does for Roswell and its economy.

In addition their work on the ghost tour, the Avenas are also dedicated paranormal investigators and members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society family (made famous by the television show “Ghosthunters”). Dianna also has published a book about the various hauntings in Roswell called “Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends.”

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