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Woman scammed during job search



ROSWELL, Ga. — A woman said that she lost $2,000 Nov. 9 after she was scammed by what looked like a legitimate job post.

The woman frequently used the aggregated job posting website, where she was contacted by a company called “PNO Survey, Inc.” in Texas. The company arranged for the woman to do “survey” work in her area, which she would be paid for.

The woman received her first $2,000 check a few days later with instructions on how to handle the check.

She first deposited the money, and then the next day, she withdrew $1,700 cash from her account and deposited it into an account provided by the company under the name of “Michael Ojo.”

Shortly after leaving the bank, the woman said that she felt that something was wrong and contacted the bank. She was advised to file a claim to recover the $1,700.

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