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City Council looks to the future

Council reviews plans for major projects



MILTON, Ga. — The Milton City Council had its eyes on the future at Monday’s night meeting. The city’s trail plan and a concept plan for the Crabapple Connector were presented for recommendations.

The City Council will soon consider adoption of the trail plan which aims to grow the city’s system to 53 miles. Included in the outline are three priority projects — a two-mile Crabapple loop, 5.9 miles from Birmingham Falls Elementary to Summit Hill Elementary and the Deerfield Connector which would run from Cambridge High along Cogburn Road for 3.8 miles.

The proposal also aims to incorporate the city’s gravel roads into the system with opportunities for connections to local systems such as the Alpha Loop and Big Creek Greenway.

A concept plan for the Crabapple Connector will also soon be up for approval before the City Council.

The project would extend Charlotte Drive to Birmingham Highway. A roundabout would also be constructed at the intersection of Charlotte and Mayfield Road. The roundabout would be close in size to the traffic circle at Francis, Cogburn and Hopewell roads at 120 feet in diameter.

According to engineering consultants Pond & Company, the plan would drastically cut down traffic in the area. They estimate that by 2030, cars would wait just 10 seconds at the roundabout during the morning rush hour and 18 seconds in peak afternoon traffic.

The Charlotte Drive extension would be split into two sections. The extension north from Mayfield would provide an eight-foot wide lit sidewalk. The east/west section would include sidewalks and on-street parking. The amount of parking has yet to be decided, depending on city negotiations with property owners.

The city hopes to begin construction in early 2019 pending right-of-way acquisition and the final plan’s approval.

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