Police should be investigated
May 30, 2014 | 09:56 AM

Not many people realize that this was not a suicide prompted by depression! Reagan took his life because he was 14, and felt responsible for getting his friends in serious trouble. The police made him call his friends to come back to his house so they could receive a ticket. Allegedly, if he did not,they threatened to arrest his sister.
Reagan was not depressed nor suicidal, but he was 14 and believed he had ruined friends' lives.
I'm not saying the police are responsible for his actions, but they sure need to investigate their employees who were on site that evening!
And @ Rather Not Say in Arlington Heights, if you know his parents (and obviously you do) and you think they have issues, then you should tell them yourself and not 'put it out there' on the web! That was extremely cowardly and insensitive! I hope that you find help for your issues!