K9 Donations
May 26, 2014 | 11:14 PM

After reading the above and the comments left by "Know more than you do", I went and did my homework. I called other Georgia K9 Units and even several out of state. I also looked up the K9 equipment online and got a wealth of information.

First, everything that "Know more than you do" said about the K9 equipment is wrong. In fact, the equipment costs way more than $6,000 but it so happens that this nonprofit gets all their equipment at a discounted price because they are a nonprofit. For example you can just google K9 ballistic vests that are stab and bullet proof IIA/III and it comes up with pricing from $1600-$2,000. My point is that anyone really wanting to validate this can, and in fact I did because I too was curious. I don't know anything about upper management vacations but that's not the point of this article. In fact this is only about the K9 and his handler who get sent into most calls first.

I also did multiple checks on this nonprofit and it all checks out. When I contacted other police K9 units in the area they all seemed to know this group and have dealt with them.

It appears to me the issues expressed are with the agency and not the nonprofit trying to help. That said, K9 units are classified as non-essential units in Georgia and therefore they receive no funding. That is why equipment for the K9 is not covered. Its also why they held a golf tourney to raise the funds to obtain and train the K9.

My point is to please do your research before making comments online that are incorrect or bias. If you have a beef with the agency then fine but don't take it out on the individual officers - especially the K9.

And to answer your question on the seizures, is because seizure funds are held for years as case evidence so the agency can't use it until its cleared and even then the Chief makes the call as to where the money goes and again, having done my homework, I found out that the K9 units generally get zero funding and often never see any benefit from seized money. Most agencies use seized money for city improvements, youth items, or otherwise.

It should also be noted that agencies with K9s usually see a 10-15% decrease in crime year over year, so I'll be supporting the K9 unit going forward. It makes sense for our community.