re More guns means less crime???
May 08, 2014 | 03:02 PM

More guns means less crime??? I'd like to know who did that research....look it up. Have a look at some of the recent FBI reports (which the media does not want to publish) that shows an increase in firearm ownership and a decrease in crime. They do not state more guns = less crime but they do show that more guns does NOT equal more crime. You are just using the same argument that has been used over and over again during the past several years as concealed carry was allowed in more and more states. Every time the anti-gunners would complain about the old west style shoot outs in the streets and guess what it does not happen. So instead of just ranting using useless arguments with no data to back it up do some research. Look at the crime rates of concealed carry holders. In several states where they did studies on crimes commit by CCW holders the rates is less than 1%.