Middle Ground
April 23, 2014 | 10:51 AM

When 10-15 masked people with guns (not able to distinguish whether they are aintball or otherwise from a distance) block the street in front of your house, then proceed to move through the darkness and you hear the sound of gunfire, it will unnerve you a little bit. It happened to my family at 2AM one morning.

Notwithstanding what the police said int he article, the police that were called out seemed to shake it off as junior/senior wars.

There is some middle ground here, TP-ing a house is one thing. A bunch of teens armed with paintball guns roaming the street at 2am in the morning and plastering a car with paintballs isn't acceptable behavior, and if they picked the wrong house, a homeowner could come out with a gun, and the results would be truly tragic.

Bob Warren
Johns Creek