Police crack down on teen "wars"
April 20, 2014 | 07:20 PM

I am continually surprised and saddened by the harassment of our teenage children. Parents reading this article should be worried and afraid for their kids. To use 911 to call on teenagers out after dark is a ridiculous waste of our police force and could tie up lines for real emergencies. And the use of the term "zero tolerance" is absurd. Zero tolerance means no messing up, period. And what teenager doesn't make mistakes? What if your teenager has tickets to a concert, are they now not allowed to go because they will be home after 11? Don't think the police will only stop your teenagers for pranking, they will stop them for any minor infraction. They will use this to further search your teenager, their friends, and vehicles for reasons to actually arrest them. Parents please pay attention to what the city is creating, an atmosphere among kids that police are to be feared not respected.

Patti Parrish