How to handle "Un-documented" Residents
April 17, 2014 | 11:54 AM

This comment may offend some of the more "Politically Correct" Whiney Liberals - so I urge you to Stop reading Now: Here's how to handle our problem: As you catch these "Border Jumpers" arrest them, place them into a chamber that quietly pumps in a sleeping gas. Once they're sound asleep, inject them with a Micro-Chip similar to what Vet's use to help identify lost pets. Next step, deport them (possibly for the second or third time) but document the date and time into a central computer. When the "Deportee" is caught again in the US, use one of those "Wands" than would tell how long they have been gone until the present, once you deduce the amount of time spent, you take the violator before a Judge, and then sentence the offender to that same amount of time at Hard Labor! Let them pick-up trash along our highways, let them supply ALL the labor we need to build up and maintain America. Once their "stolen time" has been served, Deport them again. And if they are actually stupid enough to come back a third time and get caught - Place them in a very healthy, well fed environment for a few months so they can be at Maximum strength again in Mind, Body and Spirit. After that, transport their worthless hide to some remote valley or canyon out in Utah, then raffle off tickets to the NRA for a "Managed Hunt" for say $10,000.00 or more. Put that money into our Treasury to help pay off our National Debt. Results: After a couple of these Managed Hunts, and the Herd has been "thinned-out" just a little, watch the mass exodus toward the South Border!

Old Grumpy Veteran