You "must" be 10 over the limit?
April 12, 2014 | 09:16 PM

In what areas are you referring to Travis? I know several law enforcement personnel and have even gone one patrol with one of them years ago on traffic patrol duty.

It's up to the officer to determine who gets pulled over and who does not when the driver is going over the limit. Most will give you between 5-7mph over.

But when you approach 7-8 and definitely 10 over the limit, no matter WHERE you are, you up your odds significantly of getting not only pulled over, but a ticket. It depends on 1) the mood of the officer (they call it being at their "discretion") and 2) the conditions of the road, not the least of which are weather conditions, visibility, and the road itself (if it has hills, curves, in a neighborhood where kids are, etc.).