Don't close down!
April 09, 2014 | 11:13 AM

I have spent 9 years showing on this beautiful show ground, this show ground attracts people from all over georgia even Florida and the Carolina's. Most of which have to stay in hotels, eat out, shop, and much more. The closing of this facility will effect most of Alpharetta, including the tack stores that are located there, the hotels, resturants, etc. There are not many places left in Georgia to show at, and the closure of this show ground will be devastating to the horse community, not everyone can afford to drive to conyers for a horse show. And ontop of it all conyers only has so many available dates for shows to come! So a lot of the local shows that are held at wills park might have to shut down due to no place for them to hold their shows. So please don't close this facility it will effect the entire community! Most people who go there on a regular basis for showing will no longer have a reason to come to Alpharetta!

Sarah Gottschalk
Lawrenceville ga