Many uses of Equestrian Center
April 09, 2014 | 10:30 AM

We also have a lot of dog shows at the Equestrian Arena, and dog people are not rich! (I don't know that all horse people are - many people pour their extra dimes into sports that they love, including people who buy equipment and uniforms for their kids to play baseball or soccer.)

Cub Scouts also have their summer camp in the ring. Where will they go that is conveniently located for the parents, yet is also a safe place that can easily be monitored for little ones, because of the limited entrances and exits?

How many facilities does Alpharetta have that draw out-of-towners to sleep in Alpharetta hotels and eat in Alpharetta restaurants? The horse and dog show clubs pay money to use the facility as well, and that would go away. The park has raised the fees over the years, and the dog and horse show people keep coming because of the location. If that goes away, the revenue it draws will not only go away, but will go to competing cities, like Conyers and Chestatee. When Alpharetta lost the telecom industry because of the economy, many wondered how the city would survive. It did survive, but now it wants to drive away a source of revenue for Alpharetta hotels and restaurants.