turning our passion to wreckage
April 09, 2014 | 08:46 AM

When I was 3 I got on a horse for the first time. Four years later I atteneded my first horse show at wills park which left me hooked for life. This park has allowed me to expirence the excitement of competition, the thrill of winning, and humbling loses. Not onl this, but wills park led me to a life lomg goal to become someone great in this world and make the most out of my life by becoming an equestrian vet. Finally wills park is the home to a memorial tree representing a ashley howard, a beautiful girl who passed away. In honor and memory of her I ask wills park please not be torn down. My dreams and passions flourished at wills park as a child a helped make me the determined hard worker I am now. If I come home from the university of kentucky to see wills gone, itll be a hit to the heart. I hope the city finds some other way to solve their issue rather than tearing down this essential beloved park.


cumming, ga