Wills Park
April 08, 2014 | 08:45 PM

I have watched the growth of Wills Park Equestrian Center go from a sleepy little one ring uncovered facility with no stalls and only being able to park your trailer on the grassy hillside where the office drive is now to 4 rings and hundreds of stalls. You can't just throw out numbers without making documentation public. Yes land is scarce and hard to come by in Alphatetta but that's not justification misleading people about who uses the park. I personally know hundreds and hundreds of "Alpharetta-ions" who use the horse park for horses.dogs, frisbee,picnicking, and the jogging trail so I believe that trumps the 400 residents they said they polled. Was this so called poll done over at the ball fields? As for losing money, I believe that is a matter of putting oranges where apples should be.

Sharon Gunby