April 08, 2014 | 04:45 PM

I grew up at wills park with my horses. My first horse show was there 20 years ago. My daughters first show was there. I know it has grown in the area.... but this generation will share no memories with parents because everything is being developed. We can just drive by and tell them " that's where mommy did this, or daddy grew up here" as we pass the neighborhoods it has become. Its very sad. This is a safe place that many have enjoyed over the years. I don't agree with how much it is costing a year for the city. There are many events held a year that bring in lots of money to local businesses. And maybe we should make sure the city is using the money the best way they can. How much are they spending on upkeep? Have they tried to get better prices? And how much would it cost the taxpayers to close it, knock it down, and rebuild something? Its not just used for the horse world... what about the rodeos your kids like, and dogs shows, and charitable events? Anyway, I sure hope they choose to leave it as it is. :)