Arun Misra is a great person to be in leadership for Johns Creek
March 22, 2014 | 05:47 PM

I have known Arun Misra and his entire family for years. The Indian community as well as my Korean neighbors are well known to me. We are blessed to have a person of such high caliber who wants to help our small city grow. I, for one among many, would dearly love our own zip code (for heaven's sake)
It is so sad to see only white faces in city meetings. The nation is rapidly integrating peoples from all over the world. My German and Irish ancestors had to fight for membership here. I have worked long and hard to help peoples of other nationalities feel welcome in our county - let's vote for Dr. Misra so he can fulfill his desire to make Johns Creek the best it can be.

Carole Madan-Momma Nature
Johns Creek