Truth in reporting
March 18, 2014 | 07:55 AM

For instance, the 55 gal barrels you speak of were put there by me !!!
In 1963 when we moved up here my daddy built us a dock using 55 gallon drums to build it with......they came from Jim Letts Oldsmobile in Buckhead. After a couple of years they would rust out, fill with water , so he would bring home another barrel and change it out.
My job was to take it over to the rock quarry and dump it , as a lot of other people up here did, so don't get all excited about the possibility of a toxic waste dump, simply wasn't the case and isn't all it's been billed out as. All it's been is a wallet fattner for somebody.
Another strange thing happened that when I was trying to sell my land for a lot of money this after all these years , became " very important" issue , and in talks about to prospective buyers, this issue came up......10 years later , I'm still here, and wondering why they are still here!!! Test welling the park for contaminates ??? If there were any contaminates left in targeted area, dig deeper , or till you get it all out..... Like tooth decay.
Now after all their best efforts to solve the problem they made it worse, and more beneficial to that one getting their wallet FAT !!
If you don't mind how about getting them to re-check our drinking wells as you have me scared cause your article stated that they did find some more bad stuff that we ought not to be ingesting !!!

Charley smith