March 15, 2014 | 10:37 PM

People need to get over all these propaganda artists. Density by every study IS a bad thing .. It brings MORE crime, that's right more then we already put up with day to day... Density brings MORE traffic on already over loaded roads that we sit in day in and day out .. Density is what was at the core of bubonic plague, and is what started what we currently calll urban sprawl of sub burbes. The reason there is so much corruption in this area is because the people who are having their pockets picked need to wake up.. Taxes don't go down when you over populate on top of an infulstucture that is MAX capacity, taxes go up because once these developers have made the quick buck and moved on it is you as the tax payer who will be asked fo support more TSPLOT taxs to improve roads that should have been tacked on to developers. Mark my words, these slimy polititioms are going to have their hands in EVERY tax payers pocket once these developers of cheap housing built by a labor force that don't speak a lick of English have moved on .

Steve Pruitt