Roll over and take it ..
March 15, 2014 | 09:53 PM

I just don't know where to start with this article and the response of Mike Kennidy. I see the simple kernel of truth to this story about georgia law CLUPS guidelines, but that about where the facts of this article end. In terms of "re zoning" our councilmen members DO have a right and an obligation to put the breaks on these developments, but the fact of the matter there is simply to much coruption going on. You're right a property owner DOES have the right to develop land as it currently stands "Agricultural" or otherwise . But when an owner asks to change the population density of the land it's GAME on. The counsel members that represent us
DO have tools to require the developers to bare any additional burden on the community .. Our elected officials have the right to control density to the point where the a developer like Duke Land Group LLC, or Crown homes sees the transaction as no longer profitable.. However due to corruption, kick backs and inside deals guess who gets hurt ? Your right it's the existing home owner. People of these communities need to stand up and draw a darn line in the sand.. And when our elected cownclemen cower and fold like the cheap suits they ware, well we need to vote them out, I'll start with the useless sack of wasted space Pete Amos district 1. If they don't want to control population density and allow houses to be stacked on top of one another they are done serving the people .. I don't know what glass of kool-aid this writer is drinking out of, but our elected officials DONT have to lay down and take it !

Mark Holbrook