March 13, 2014 | 04:06 PM

I've read the two (2) extra comments with interest. It appears that by two co-commenters have more information than I do because they have condemned the Officer as Guilty. I have no such knowledge, therefore I humbly await the natural course of the Legal System. I surely would not want to be accused of any type of wrong deeds knowing the Jury Pool that currently exists came with a pre-conceived notion that I was guilty. And just to play the Devil's Advocate, let me state that I am a member of lots of Social, and Fraternal Organizations that have multiple members, am I suppose to know the exact content of each other member's past life and history? I don't think so. Were I to sell my Rifle to one of those members, should I be held accountable if they fail to answer honestly that they are not allowed to own or possess any type of Firearm? I'm a Life-Time member of the VFW, with many members through out America - Am I suppose to know about each member? Give the man his day in Court, and try not to be so judgmental. And if you receive a Jury Summons - please try to get out of service. Tell the Judge you already have your opinion in the matter.

Col. R. Glover, (Ret.)