I find this hard to believe
March 13, 2014 | 12:14 PM

Knowing what I do about how the State of Georgia issues Drivers License to individuals, and their ability to issue the license right on the spot with multiple embedded photos included, I find this story hard to swallow. First, I do not believe the Law Enforcement Officer couldn't detect a difference in the ticketed person from the photo I.D. on the Georgia Drivers License. Second, I do not believe the owner of the vehicle would leave his photo I.D. behind no matter where he went. I believe Homeland Security requires all legal citizens to carry Government issued photo I.D., and it's suppose to be a Misdemeanor in the State of Georgia not to carry I.D., or at least it used to be. Since this all happen in the area of Lake Lanier, let me state something smells "Fishy" to me./ I ain't buying it!

Col. R. Glover, (Ret.)