Where's the justice in this action
March 13, 2014 | 11:33 AM

I simply can not understand why the Officer was terminated in this manner. Sure, he should not have sold weapons to a convicted felon - but how was he to know? Convicted Felons are not required to wear Patches or Badges on their clothing much like Hitler's Germany forced Jews and Gays be labeled (watch-out for a new law from the Georgia State Legislature), and I'm sure the Felon would have lied if asked up front, "Are you a Convicted Felon?" And wouldn't everyone scream "violation of privacy' and set off a storm of ACLU suits for using his police position to check out potential buyers. I believe this whole thing was handled wrong. I hope Garner gets a good Attorney and sticks this mess back on the Knot-Head Administrators that caused this.

Col. R. Glover