Parents are to blame
March 05, 2014 | 10:47 AM

It's YOUR fault parents. Kids WILL use drugs and drink. Nothing you do can stop it when you turn to the WRONG places. Want your kids to find easy access to drugs? Take them to church. It's there. It's in christian schools besides public schools. Stop thinking YOUR kids won't use them. Facts show that they will. Why? Because the "cool" kids use drugs. They did it when YOU were in middle school and high school. You may have used as well. Facts show that parents have not a clue as to the WHY your kids use drugs. They preach intolerance yet know nothing about how kids accept drug use as a "norm" in life. They don't want to listen to your BS. They see you drink. They WANT to be grown ups so they use drugs and sex to enter then "adult" world. How YOU handle it says the most. Stop being their friend and be a parent. Rehab starts when it's too late.

saul good