Missed Opportunities
February 27, 2014 | 08:39 AM

No question the homes will be high quality. The renderings look nice, and the masterplan is nicely laid out..., but in this day and age, to do a "single use" (residential only) and "gated" community is at the least out-dated and at worst irresponsible. A project like this should have mixed use components, shops, restaurants, retail, commercial, connected and walkable. Imagine having something like "The Forum" on the edge of the neighborhood, connected and walkable. That would actually take cars off the roads (by having walkable/bike-able option for residents), and make this neighborhood enduring and way more desirable. Look at I'on (SC), Habersham (SC), Birkdale Village (NC), Glenwood Park (GA), Vickery (GA), Mt. Laurel (AL), Serenbe (GA), Rosemary Beach (FL), Kentlands (MD). All are more successful, more resilient, (and more loved) than any "single-use" gated subdivision will ever be... I just hate to see missed opportunities...

Kenny Craft
Huntersville NC - Hometown, Norcross