Fundraiser for K9 equipment
February 18, 2014 | 05:38 PM

I agree with Mr. Frank 100%. Don't post comments without doing your homework and then complain when someone corrects you or claim it was aggressive. Nothing in that post is aggressive and several of us Milton business owners agree. And Bill's comment deserves no merit as he's obviously restricted to elementary school name-calling not to mention he too is incorrect. It took less than five minutes to go fact check online so perhaps you two should exert more effort doing positive things instead of playing victim and resort to name-calling.

And to the comment about relying on wealth individuals "" if you read the entire piece and looked at how that organization is structured you would see they don't "rely on wealthy individuals". Everything is right there on the page link. They're a volunteer nonprofit that doesn't get paid and they fundraise with different items and also at different events throughout Georgia. In fact for this police dog they stood out in the rain and collected change at several locations over the last few weeks and they also got a large donation from out of state. So again, please review all the details before continuing to make statements that are inaccurate.

The good news is that as business owners we've gone and funded the rest of the money they needed for the dog's equipment. So when you see the human and K9 officers in their new marked unit with all their new gear, protecting you and your families from the things you pretend don't exist here in Milton, just remember that it's all paid for and it didn't cost any tax payer a dime.

Business Owner