Reply to D. Frank
February 14, 2014 | 10:46 AM

Hello Mr Frank,

I feel a little overwhelmed by your unnecessary aggression towards my request for government funding but I admit that I did not know about the full background of K-9 funding in the state of Georgia, many thanks for the insight.

Nonetheless, I still think that K-9 programs should be part of every PDs' budget, especially looking at the extensive list of good reasons you have provided. I really support the idea of K-9 officers and would be more than happy if my tax dollars would be used for them. They are a great addition to public safety and should not have to rely on wealthy individuals - that's the point I was getting to when addressing the officials.

I don't question but rather appreciate every public worker, no matter which uniform they wear or how many legs they have. And every citizen should be OK with funding public safety with their tax money and that's where politics come into the game.