Fundraiser for K9 equipment
February 13, 2014 | 10:46 AM

Reply to "Concerned Citizen" - Dear Sir/Madame, please educate yourself before posting such comments because you clearly do not know the facts. Almost all Georgia K-9 units are funded solely on donations. K9s fall under different regulations so do not place their equipment inline with the human officers. Also, check your voting facts - constituents voted to fund the K9 unit via donations so this is nothing to be blamed on "responsible officials". You will further find that the K9, his training, the officers training and other basics were fully funded by a charity golf event. This fundraiser is attempting to cover the remaining items. As a taxpayer you should be grateful that these additional costs are not placed on you or the citizens of Milton but rather are covered off by generous donations - most of which come from donors not in or even near Milton. Instead of making accusations towards things you clearly have not done any research on, why don't you instead support the efforts to get this K-9 his equipment? As a resident of Johns Creek I made a donation and I have no dealings with Milton. The fact is these K9s deter crime, find lost children and adults, get drugs off the streets, and go into highly dangerous situations to keep citizens and communities safe. The K9s are able to work 5 times faster than a human because of their keen senses and are an asset to any department. Plus they don't get paid so there is little to no additional cost. It's people like you that will cry foul if this K9 gets hurt or killed on duty. Like the saying says, and with all due respect - "if you can't get behind law enforcement, then feel free to stand in front of them". I doubt you go to work every day with the possibility of being shot or killed protecting others.

David Frank
Johns Creek